Frequently Asked


Can I sign up for just the video library access?


How long do I need to commit to a 1-on -1 coaching plan to see results?
This depends on your individual goals. Studies show that it takes 21 to 66 consecutive days to create lasting change, therefore our programs start at three months. Horses typically respond immediately to changed circumstances and behaviour.
Does it matter what discipline I ride to work with Danette?
NO. Our program honours the horse, and building strong partnerships through connection and understanding is essential to success in any discipline.
Can you train my horse?
YES, however, we prefer to train partnerships and empower humans.
Can I send you my horse to train even if I live far away?
YES, however we encourage people to train and grow WITH their horses.
Do you have sales horses?
Periodically. Please inquire
Do you offer private lessons?
Yes, space is limited.
Do you offer a lesson program for children ages 12 and under?
Nothing scheduled for 2023
Do you offer in person clinics and group training?
Booking for 2024!
Are you available for property design and horse environment assessments?
YES, please inquire.
Will you assist in horse evaluations for purchasing or rehoming?

YES, please inquire.

Video Library

If you are looking to better understand your equine partner, build a stronger relationship, solve or prevent behavioural problems, improve your groundwork and riding and give your horse the best YOU possible this is for you!